Pardon Me...

All of you out there will have to pardon me- the theme of my posts these days will likely be about my transition into a full time artist- since I am now counting down to the last day of work at my job!! As I shared last week I decided to quit my job to FINALLY pursue working as a full time artist.  I think everyone in my life knows this decision has been a long time coming- for years I have been working and preparing for the day that I step out of the box and embrace who I am. For years I have been looking for a fit when it comes to a job, I have been bouncing around thinking that I could have it all- a great job and a great career as an artist.  But after so much time spent NOT being creative in a 9-5 I just cannot escape the inevitable- there is something so strong in my core, almost like an ache- to be myself, to live loud, to do what I know I was created to do and that is to make art ALL the time. I cannot believe the encouragement and wonderful responses I have received from so many people both in my life and out there in cyber space!  It truly speaks to how many of us want something more in our lives, to not just have work but to have work with purpose, to somehow be able to do what we love and feel proud to be defined by it.   So the next few weeks leading up to my last day of "traditional work" I will be celebrating my decision to be an artist and likely be writing about my excitement, inspiration and reflecting on how profound it is for me to be pursuing my dreams.

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