Big Change

Oh goodness I am exhausted...lots of work this weekend almost too much work.  I am preparing to move into the last 3 days of my job this week (Thursday is my last day) and presently I am just trying to keep it all together, keep my eyes looking forward, trying really hard not to get too hung up on this BIG change that will be happening in my life.  Last Friday my wonderful collegues at the University of San Diego threw me a party and WOW was I surprised and I actually went away feeling closure to the last 8 years of my "professional" life-something that I really needed. Now, as I head into the last few days of my job and then into the next chapter of my life, I know that I will be reflecting upon what comes next, there is so much going on in my head and as much as I try hard not to go there (only because it tends to freeze me in my tracks) I know that I will be doing soul searching, celebrating and seeking balance...sigh...bear with me.
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