Honoring my History

The last few years I have been sentimental towards the past- something I NEVER EVER would have thought would happen to me. Growing up was pretty awkward and while I am not one to have many regrets, (I typically just learn and move forward) these days I have felt a fondness for the past (the good and bad), people that were a part of my life and an appreciation for my history. While I do spend A LOT of time back traveling and forth from San Diego to my hometown on the Oregon Coast, this trip was a little different for me because part of the time was spent in Portland - the city where I went to college and experienced what I like to refer to as my "formative years"- the place where I made lots of mistakes and if I did feel regret it would likely be for experiences in P-Town! Getting to kick off my new self employed life teaching at ArtFiberFest in Portland was kinda profound. Teaching validated the love and passion I have for creating and sharing that creativity with others and revisiting a little bit of my history felt important. I spent some time visiting my favorite haunts, streets, places that left a mark on me and my favorite part was meeting up with an old friend to catch up- As I drove back to the coast once AFF ended, I found myself reflecting on how much my life has changed, how much I have grown since my days back in the Portland and how much farther I want to go. Taking the time to honor my history in this trip was the best way I could kick off the next chapter in my life.

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