First Day on the Job

So I am finally back home from my long trip to Oregon and unfortunately the last few days of my trip I threw my back out (AGAIN!!) and since I have been back home in San Diego I have been nursing myself back to good health. I need to figure out how to better deal with my back problems but I am finally feeling better and today was the first day of my new job (working for myself).  

You will see below that instead of dressing nice, I am wearing my painting overalls, scarf on my head and NO MAKEUP- please note that for the first time in like 15 years my Monday morning did not involve putting makeup on! Instead of sitting in a cubicle I am sitting on the ground sorting through purses....

and in instead of sitting in an office with no windows I am now working on the computer in our patio garden....

and while I am SUPER stressed making purses and getting prepared for Renegade Craft Fair this weekend- I am thrilled with my first day of my new job :)  More to come tomorrow!

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