Hot, Humid and Grumpy!

I have a confession to make...I have been really grumpy this week and I am pretty sure it has to do with the weather in San Diego... IT IS SO HOT AND HUMID HERE!!! 

It is a challenge for me to feel inspired, be productive and get creative when it is hot and I am at home with no cool air all day! Honestly I have been dragging and struggling with my schedule and finding ways to be productive in the heat. So in between prepping for the Long Beach Quilt Festival this weekend, I have been keeping my mind off the heat by doing a lot of this-

and even though it has been hot, I have been doing lots of cooking
(its kinda the one thing that totally relaxes me and I have a dream of opening a cafe one day) 
This week is was zeppoli- homemade italian donuts- OMG SO GOOD!!!

I have also been OBSESSED with my patio garden- I am growing all kinds of flowers, herbs and vegis and I check on the baby lettuce sprouts at least 10 times a day!!!

But thankfully I am all ready to be at the Quilt Festival Thursday-Sunday and am looking forward to meeting with all my favorite peeps!!! I will blogging all weekend so stay tuned!!!
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