Recycling Remix Project

I wanted to share one of the photo demos from my current online class- Recycling Remix! It is 5 weeks of video and photos demos that give you all kinds of simple techniques and inspiration for transforming trash. You can Register anytime in the next 5 weeks so if you are looking for a fun way to get creative this summer- join us online!!

This is a simple way to use toilet paper or paper towel rolls!!!

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls are the best for creating unique jewelry! Because of the shape and the material you can make some fun earrings!

Instead of trying to flatten out the cardboard make use of the curve and cut different shapes and sizes out of the roll.

Have fun painting the surface-
Use bright colors
Don't be afraid to get messy
Use lots of layers of paint to build up a thick surface
Try adding a little sparkle with glitter paint
Coat the surface with a few layers of clear gloss (gel medium or polurethane or even a glossy modge podge) to protect and shine

Once the paint is dry, add beads and findings to create unique accessories!!

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