Upcycled Tank Top Project

I wanted to share another little project from my current online class Recycling Remix!  This week is using and reusing fabric in different ways.  I started this simple upcycled tank top project at the Long Beach Quilt Festival last week as an example of HOW SIMPLE and COOL carved vegi stamps can be but I have taken the project a little further.

I think we all have a tank top or even t-shirts in our closets that are old or just not very exciting- this simple project will transform plain tops to fun embellished fashion!!

Start by carving a stamp from your vegi of choice (personally I like sweet potatoes the best!) I use wood carving tools but you can also use an exacto blade or even a very sharp knife.

Then stamp all over the tamk top or tee- I used black silkscreen ink but you could also use fabric paint or even acrylic paint (I guarantee none of the above will come out in the wash!) I decided to only stamp around the v of the tank.

Next, I embellished the tank with colorful little buttons.  

And...VOILA!!!! A colorful, sassy and one of kind transformed tank!!!

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