I have to apologize, I have been a little absent lately- both online and in life. For starters we are having a heat wave here in San Diego and it is making me a very unhappy gal! With 90 degree temps in our home, I just can't seem to think straight- I am moving slow and haven't been working in the studio as much as I had planned. Instead I have been taking lots of cold showers, swimming in the pool, escaping to the beach and reading lots of trashy vampire books! On top of the inconvenient weather, we've had a few really BIG challenges thrown our way in the last couple of weeks and I'm worried, tired and doing my best to not let things distract or throw me off track but I must admit it's hard!  This Monday morning I vowed to myself that I would stop being grumpy and hot, push through the worry and the challenges and just move forward with some hope!

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