Excuse Me While I Rant

I typically don't get too personal or rant on my blog but a rude comment this morning that was left on my previous blog post has got me all riled up and quite frankly offended which means I feel the need to get a few things straight for those who follow me-

If you have an issue with me or anything that I post please send me a personal email instead of leaving an anonymous comment- while criticism is tough to hear I welcome the opportunity to personally address opinions through email.

If you have taken a class from me online and you are not satisfied please let me know so I can refund you money- All I want is to offer some reasonably priced online classes and to share my messy world with as many of you out there that are interested and for you to be happy with what you are learn.

I am running a creative business and my blog is the forum for me to make that happen- while there are many wonderful blogs out that are more personal and more of a journal- my blog serves as the way that I communicate and market my little business.  I am a VERY private person and try very hard to keep personal details about my life to a minimum and really just focus on my creative life and journey as an artist which is now my full time profession and is all about the process of making and selling my art. 

For those of you out there (SO MANY OF YOU!) who have supported and followed me through it all...thank you!!! I appreciate all of the amazing blog love that I receive everyday and I continue to find inspiration in all of you who on your own artistic journeys and are creating amazing work!!!

Now back to regular scheduled programming :)
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