Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Excuse me While I RAVE!

It is the end of my second day of teaching here at ArtUnraveled and while my hotel room is trashed with all of my supplies, I am tired and my voice is nearly gone... I am buzzing with creativity and pure gratitude for all of the fabulous women in my classes. I love teaching but I always get a little nervous that things only make sense in my messy brain- that splatter, messy swipes, crawling around on the ground and all kinds of other stuff may not be interesting to other people.  But those worries always disappear within minutes when everyone exceeds my expectations and turns all of the techniques completely into their own- it is so inspiring to see creativity in action, to watch others working through their own creative fears, finding all kinds of new ways to express themselves with color, paint and texture.  Here are some photos from yesterday's Large Than Life class (tomorrow I will post pics from today's class!)










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