Preview of Upcoming Online Classes!

I have been hard at work coming up with all kinds of new online classes, trying to get organized with my schedule and continuing to work on new art- all while our house serves as the "Hotel Alisa & Andy" with guests and visitors coming and going!  

But I am happy to say that I have a little preview of my upcoming online classes the first which will be starting in September 21st- Registration will start on Friday!

Anti Scrapbooking

Class Starts September 21st 
Registration starts Friday, August 28th

For some reason I never took to traditional scrapbooking, in fact I just might loathe it! To begin with I am not traditional plus I am not very organized, I don't like all the products you feel pressure to buy, it seems to require lots of money spent, it takes a lot of time and quite frankly its just too organized and mainstream for me (please don't be mad scrappers!) 
But... I do LOVE taking pictures, in fact I take my camera everywhere, I love and appreciate documenting and preserving special moments, in true artistic form I enjoy putting my own creative, messy, recycled spin on photos and with a background in fine art- a completely unique approach to preserving memories! This class is for anyone out there ready to try something new with photos, scrapbooks, logging memories and preserving history, a class for those who don’t want to spend lots of money, who are ready to rebel when it comes to scrapbooking! 
Prepare yourself for a little punk rock, paired with fine art, joined with nostalgia, meets recycling, loaded with TONS of creativity! 


Adventurous Accessories

Haute Christmas

Graffiti Chic Part II

I will have descriptions and more information on all classes by the end of the week!

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