I've been pretty busy the last few days but here are some updates and goings-on!

1.  I have been busy getting ready to teach Larger Than Life and Trashy Clutch at ArtUnraveled next week and wouldn't you know we also have a HUGE family wedding this weekend- which means getting everything finished and packed by tomorrow- which means house guests- which means the house needs to be cleaned...sigh.

2.  We FINALLY got a new bed and it is GLORIOUS!!  It is a king and it is such a perfect combo between fluffy and firm.  I am hoping that it will help my back continue to feel better.

3.  It dawned on me today that I have not used deoterant in a week! Ugghhh...while I am loving this new life pursuing my passion, growing a creative business and working from home...I do miss the "forced schedule" that a "normal job" often provides.  I have been struggling to find my groove, a schedule that works with my creative vibe- I know that I have likely been working too much or not enough each day and as soon as I catch up a little and get through this month I will be trying to figure out what works best. 

4.  The August Graffiti Chic online class started today and if you are looking for some funky fun- sign up! You can register any time during the next 5 weeks and have 3 additional weeks to access everything.  

5.  In the next couple of days I will finally be getting around to updating my Etsy Shop with some new work- purses, pouches and cuffs!

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