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I try to not get too personal on my blog but sometimes the lines blur for me and its hard not to share. This weekend I will be celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary and while I have known my husband a long time- a total of 10 years- this 5 year mark feels really important to me. When we got married we both agreed that we weren't quite "wedding" people and because of a very sad and dramatic divorce that had been taking up our attention between my husband's parents we decided that eloping would be the healthiest way to tie the knot. Of course it had to be on the beach and far away from our everyday life- so we make the trek up the coast to Monterey. And early in the morning on September 7th, with a bright blue sky and warm weather, we exchanged vows on the beach- with an officiant and the photographer acting as our witness- we were married. We then made our way up hwy 101 through the coast of California and Oregon exploring tiny towns and enjoying an escape from our daily lives. We ended up in my hometown on the Oregon coast and celebrated with family- a time that I still wish that time could have lasted forever!

Looking back I have such fond memories, memories of feeling so strong, so united and wonderfully naive about the future.

(insert big sigh here)

The last five years have been a strange combination of wonderful bliss and lots of challenges. Trials that we never planned for or expected, an unusual amount of drama and intense personal struggles that have come our way and honestly have not seemed to stop. As I reflect on what it means to be devoted and bound to another person that you love, I cannot help but feel a strong sense of pride in what we have overcome in just 5 years. Through the highs and lows my husband and I have held fast to each other and never given up on one another and our union. In a world where love seems fleeting and marriages often brief, I am inspired to never, ever, ever, EVER give up on this thing we started 10 years ago. My husband continues to be my favorite person around, my best friend and sometimes VERY annoying (but in a good way), an inspiration and a kindred spirit- my dear Andy has my heart forever.

I will be signing off for the weekend to take some time to just hang with my guy :) Happy three days to everyone!
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