How Hard is it to Strike a Pose?

I have been busy working on some top secret projects with the hope of continuing to move in an ever evolving creative direction! Today I tackled a photo shoot with some new jewelry (made from trash thank you very much!) all by myself and when you are poor- you gotta get creative! So it was me, my camera on timer, a cheap wig, colorful outfits and lots and lots of photos. I LOVE styling and taking photos and while I would much rather only be taking photos of other people, I figured since I've watched America's Next Top Model since it started I could do it myself- how hard is it to strike pose anyway!?! Well actually being a model for yourself is much harder than it would seem (it takes tons and tons of photos to get just one good one, there is lots of running back and forth to the camera and you start to feel kinda stupid all by yourself!) but I am thrilled with the results and thought I would share a little sneek peek of my project. Next, it's time to recruit some friends who are willing to work for a free cup of coffee!
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