Updates from the Studio

I am happy to announce that the heat induced funk I have been in for a while seems to have lifted today.  While it is still hot here, I just got sick of hearing myself complain and lay around the hot house and FINALLY just made myself go about normal business regardless of the heat! So I spent all morning in the studio working on backgrounds for a new series of original artwork.  Since the last couple of years have been dedicated to painting fabric for purses, accessories and all kinds of creative objects I started to really miss painting pictures that hang on the wall- go figure!! So I will be dedicating some studio time each day to drawing and painting some ideas that I've had on my mind for a while.

I've also been working on some really fun tote bags- yes I will finally have some purses with handles in my etsy shop very soon.  And the best part if that I had a blast working on them today and can't wait to share when they are finished!

There will also be packages of my hand carved stamp added to my etsy shop very soon!

and lots more!!

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