Bouncing Around

As usual I have been hard at work in the studio today- bouncing from one project to another. I am very lucky to be a great creative multi tasker because I am not sure how I could bounce from painting and dying fabric (yes fabric not canvas) to stringing beads to writing class lessons to updating html coding on my website to working on a series of mini art quilts! And the day is not yet over- Fridays are the night that my hubby and brother bond over video games (insert my eye roll here!) and I work late into the night if I have the energy and tonight- I have the ENERGY- Lots to accomplish this weekend!

If you have a chance- pop on over to my friend Kelly Rae's blog where I am giving away a brand new clutch (hot off my sewing table) and also giving away a free slot in my current class- Adventurous Accessories- Just leave a comment to enter!

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