Canvas Crowns Giveaway Today!

As promised I am doing a giveaway to celebrate the latest issue of Somerset Workshop. I have a whole section on what else? CANVAS! And I am pretty proud of it because it looks beautiful- huge kudos to everyone who worked on it but also because it really takes me a lot of time and thought to come up with new projects especially ones that involve only a few materials- paint and canvas. (If you have never tried to limit your supplies or your tools or even color when working on a project...try it. In my opinion it will challenge you to be really creative!)

In this issue, one of the projects that I demonstrate is a canvas crown. While I don't typically play favorites, this is one of my all time favorite projects that I have come up with. I am SO inspired by crowns and have always been intrigued by both the symbolism and their decorative nature through the ages. When faced with the challenge of coming up with some new projects made from canvas (that weren't in my book) I knew I had to create my own version of a crown!

So to celebrate I want to give away three canvas crowns to three of my readers! Here are the rules-
You have until Wednesday morning to leave me a comment
Tell me what object is symbolic to you and why
On Wednesday I will 3 draw names from comments and each of you will get one of the crowns in the picture above!
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