Halloween Craft- Lantern Tutorial

With fall in full swing I am continuing to post tutorials that are inspired by the season and today is another alternative Halloween project. I think it is pretty evident that I believe that ANYTHING can be transformed with a little paint!

This week I found one of those ugly but cheap plastic jack o lanterns for trick ($1.99) for treating. Since we don't have kids and there won't be trick or treating in our house, I decided to turn it into a decorative little lantern! (but this would be another great kids project if you have little ones that will be collecting candy)

Start by cutting out the eyes, nose and mouth with utility knife. You could get really decorative with this but I am clumsy and prone to injuring myself and wanted to keep it simple!

Give the the lantern a full coast of paint to cover the entire pumpkin- you may also paint the inside at this time if you prefer.

Draw simple doodles all the surface- I chose flowers but you could use simple shapes, words, your favorite pattern- just try to fill the entire surface.

Begin to fill in your shapes with paint. Living in San Diego, fall and winter often don't feel like fall and winter so I decided to painting my lantern with bright summer colors that would match my house and my garden this time of year- its typically blue sky and sunny :)

After your shapes are filled with color, go back and add tiny details in contrasting color so they pop. I LOVE the Scribbles 3-D paint that Duncan makes and it works great for tiny decorative elements in your painting! I decided to outline everything with white dots!

Once you are happy with the surface paint the inside (if you like)
Switch out the ugly elastic handle and add a ribbon for the handle
Add a tea light candle

I decided to use my lantern as a table centerpiece (paired with my painted skulls and messy painted pumpkins)

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