Redefine Your Memories Tutorial!

Redefine Your Memories

I've been busy in the studio working on all kinds of new and creative stuff and I thought I would share a little tutorial that will be a part of an upcoming lesson in my Anti Scrapbook online class. I have been working really hard to come up with some unique ideas and ways to redefine the concept of preserving memories and giving significance to history in a REALLY creative way!

This project is all about using clothing. I think that we all hang onto clothing that has significance- a sweatshirt from high school, baby clothes, wedding dress- all very likely hanging in the closet never getting worn or used. For this project I used my wedding dress and felt comfortable doing this because a)I did not pay a lot of $ for it b)I have not worn it since! But if you are not comfortable using something like a wedding dress start small with a favorite something else that you have been hanging onto simply for sentiment.

I spread the dress out and used silkscreen ink mixed with water began to splatter and paint all over the dress.

Journal all over the dress (in permanent pen, fabric pen and/or paint)
I used the journal I kept during my wedding and honeymoon as a reference for my the written memories.

Build up layers and layers of messy text.
Optional- create a focal point with a word or quote, your favorite lyric, etc.
I added my own personal motto "redefine creativity" as a focal point.

Continue to build layers with text, paint, and color until you are satisfied.

When you are finished, stage a photo shoot and use the photos in your mixed media and scrapping projects!

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