This is Jack

This is Jack- the stray kitten (now senior cat) that followed me home twelve years ago and he immediately melted my heart and I had to give him a home- adopted straight off the streets of Portland, Oregon. Up until meeting young Jack, I never considered myself "an animal person" let alone a cat person but this guy really changed my life and has been my sidekick through IT ALL! Now that I am working from home I have found much of my conversations are with Jack and throughout each day I share ideas with him, take candid photos when he is not looking and chase him off my husbands pillows before I make the bed (like this morning). I have resisted blogging about Jack for a while, I did not want to be viewed as a crazy cat lady but I can't resist it any longer- Jack is such a HUGE part of my daily life and it is time for me to declare that my name is Alisa Burke and I have been for a very long time... a closet, crazy cat lady! So now that I have come clean and have my secret out in the open you may be seeing more of Jack on my blog and maybe even in my art- after all, he is my muse :)

To celebrate Jack's appearance on my blog I would like to encourage artists out there to check out A Place to Bark website for an opportunity to help raise funds via art auction to finish their shelter!
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