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It 2pm on Monday and I am still in my pajamas, I have black paint smeared all over the left side of my face and have been working non stop since early this morning- so much for my vow of creating balance in my life!! But I am happy to report that the weekend was a good one and despite my around the clock creative activity, I am feeling quite energized and full of inspiration!

I have updated my Etsy Shop with a handful of skulls that I have painted will all of my doodles and designs from my sketchbook- SO time consuming but super cool! I think they are perfect with Halloween around the corner or if you like skulls as much as I do (I collect them!) they are great little piece of decorative art for a bookshelf or mantel.

I will be teaching a workshop inspired by my book Canvas Remix at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido on November 14th.
For details or for all of their education programs click here-ARTCENTER.ORG

Had a wonderful conversation on the phone with Traci Bautista last week about the plans for our upcoming Graffiti Weekend at the Art Bar- details are almost ready to post and I cannot wait to collaborate and teach with Traci and Lisa!!!

Somerset Workshop has hit the stands and it looks FABULOUS!! If you are looking for brand new canvas projects- look no further than Workshop! I worked really hard to come up with some super creative ways to use canvas!

And last (for now) I have been trying to get organized with all of my planning (I heart planning- just ask my husband!) and have all kinds of fun stuff in the works for my blog in the upcoming months. I have decided that I really want this to be a place of more than just me writing about me and want it to be full, REALLY full of tutorials, giveaways, video, creative tidbits, philanthropy and more stuff that everyone out there can apply to their own creative lives!

I want to kick off my new "blog format" with a giveaway tomorrow! And I will be giving away 3 canvas crowns inspired by my Somerset Workshop article! So check back in the a.m. for giveaway rules! Three people will each win a totally one-of-a-kind, unique canvas crown!!!

One more thing! I am almost finished with the HUGE task of updating and making changes to my website-www.alisaburke.com so if you happen to visit it please refresh your browser so new stuff shows up!
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