Canvas Layers Holiday Wreath

I am so excited that the holidays have officially started and I cannot wait to share creative, easy and unique inspiration during the month of December on my blog and I will have LOTS to share so tune in everyday for tons of original ideas! To kick off the holidays I am starting with another wreath made from canvas, fabric and lots and lots of buttons! This is an easy project but packed full of color! Similar to the fall fiber wreath tutorial this project makes use of a styrofoam wreath and different fabric and canvas.

Start with a styrofoam wreath

Cut out strips of colorful fabric and wrap around the wreaths, gluing it down as you wrap.

Once the wreath is covered set aside.

The next step is to paint canvas or fabric in variety of your favorite colors or holiday colors.

Once again I am using Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas because it is one of my favorite types of canvas to use for projects like this! It is the perfect weight and is easy to use when layering with fabric.

You could also use raw canvas, your favorite printed fabric, scrap fabric, even paper!

When the surface is dry, cut out a variety of circles in different sizes.

Stack the circles together and sew down.

Variations- If you don't sew and you are using all sticky back canvas, you can simply stick the circles to each.

Or if you are using different materials and don't sew, use glue.

Create lots of layered circles- enough to cover the entire front surface of the wreath.

Once you are satisfied with all the circles, glue them to the surface of the wreath with hot glue

Cover the entire front of the wreath

And then add additional small circles and buttons to the outside of the wreath to add layers and additional width and thickness to the wreath.

The end result-
A burst of color and texture for your wall, door, holiday decorating or even displayed year round!!
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