Recycled Fall Napkin Ring Tutorial

I have a confession to make...I think that toilet paper and paper towel rolls just be be the greatest things to create and craft with! I have always loved them, in fact, even as a kid I created all kinds of fabulous things from cardboard rolls (I will share that with you later this month!) So for today's tutorial I decided to transform a paper towel roll into colorful napkin rings.

It is that time of year when we all start having more people over and entertaining. As always I am looking for ways to go cheap and creative....I love finding a way to make something that would typically be purchased- Especially when it comes to decorating and entertaining!

Start with a paper towel toilet paper roll

Cut the roll into even sections (I decided to just make four rings)

Paint each section with a THICK layer or two of paint- this will begin to thicken the surface of the cardboard and make it a little more durable. (I am using Claudine's acrylic paint in my most farvorite color- Classic Teal- YUM!)

Once the outside is dry paint the inside- again with a thick layers of paint. Set aside to dry.
(Optional- you can a layer of gel medium or even polyurethane for additional shine and durability.)

The next step is to create little flowers from colorful fabric.
Start by cutting out a variety of circles in different shapes.

Use a needle and thread and gather the fabric around the needle creating a messy ruffle.

Add different layers and sizes of the circles in the same way until you are satisfied with the look. (A variation could be creating a fabric yoyo- but I wanted a more free form, messy look)

Add a handful of small black beads to the center of the ruffle. You could also use buttons or even a contrasting color of fabric to the middle.

Set your flowers aside

Take your painted rolls (at this point they should be completely dry and be much more durable) Sew simple stitches along the top and bottom of the rolls. I kept the stitches simple but your really could have fun with using colorful thread and even more decorative embroidery!!

Glue the flowers to the surface of the rolls with either hot glue or craft glue.

And there you have it...simple, cheap and super cute napkin rings for holiday entertaining!!

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