Recycled Wreath Tutorial

My love and passion for toilet paper rolls is soaring to new heights this week! I have been filming and creating non stop for my Haute Holidays online class the last couple of days and this means I am in full holiday mode and trying to find new ideas and projects to share! And this also means finding new and different ways to put toilet paper rolls to use! (I promise my next tutorial will not involve anything related to toilet paper!)

Today, I had the bright idea to make a non traditional wreath from cut up cardboard rolls.

Start by cutting the cardboard rolls into sections- varying in width.

Line up the sections into a circle- this could be small (even ornament size) medium or even really large!

Glue each section together and start forming the shape of the wreath.

Once the wreath is complete, begin to make small circled from the rolls or even from cardboard boxes- roll strips up into a circle.

Add smaller circles to the inside of the larger ones

Build up your wreath with as many circles as possible.
Once you are satisfied hang it on the wall!!
(Optional- paint it, give it a layer of gloss, add a bow, add cardboard shapes!)
I ended up painted my wreath black to match my living room decor!

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