Upcycled Cozy Cowl Scarf Tutorial

I am doing lots of travel this winter (all to COLD places) and that means I need lots of cozy accessories to keep me warm! A cozy cowl scarf is not only fashionable but will keep your neck warm! This project is super easy, cheap and makes use of old sweaters that might otherwise get donated.

Start with a couple of sweaters in your favorite colors.

Cut into strips- the size will depend on the width and size you want your cowl to be. (I made mine a little longer so that I could wrap it three times around my neck if desired)

Start stitching your pieces together- I chose to have my stitching black and for it to show cause I love messy stitches!

Continue stitching together until you are satisfied with the length.

Sew the edges of the entire scarf with a zig zag stitch.

At this point it should look like a scarf with two ends.
The last step is to sew the two ends together.

Wrap the cowl around your neck and stay warm!
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