A Dream Realized

Since returning home from our Thanksgiving trip to Colorado I have been working around the clock on my big purse order (which has a pretty tight turn around!) Thankfully I am right on track and so close to being finished! It dawned on me today as I was sitting amidst my colorful pile of creations that this is what it feels like to have a dream come true. As I am sure most of my readers are aware, I have always wanted to be a full time artist (and while I currently have lots of irons in the fire) my most recent dream in the last five years has been to apply my fine art background to growing a little handmade purse business....and after a ridiculous amount of hard work, rejection and dead ends and distractions (which continues and will always be a challenge in a creative life and career!) and so much creative shuffling, updating and planning- today, regardless of what happens next, I finally felt some satisfaction (which is hard to come by in my complex mind...I am never satisfied!!). As I took a step back looking at my ginormous pile of finished clutches I thought-

WOW this feels really, really, really good- I think this is what it feels like to have a dream realized :)

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