Holiday Ruffled Top Tutorial

I am giddy over here because I FINALLY seem to have caught up with the major tasks on my to do list and while I am learning that being self employed kinda means there is always something to do, I am happy that I can start to enjoy some well earned down time here and there! And it also means that I get to hang out online with all of you and share more inspiration and tutorials in these last few weeks before the holiday madness really starts!

I recently noticed that everywhere I go ruffles, applique and unique adorned clothing seems to be everywhere and so far I have not found anything I like under $40.00 (too much $ for a bargain hunter like me!!)

And since this is the season for parties and entertainment, I set out to figure find a way to make a cute ruffled top for under $10.00 that I could wear to one of the many events that I will be attending in the next couple of weeks. While every project I come up with seems to be a favorite- this one is really my favorite!


Cotton white tank top from Target- $5.00
(when I buy "cheaper" tshirts and tanks I always buy a couple of sizes larger than my true size- I am a small size but I bought a size large in case of shrinking or to give a little room)
1 yard of white muslin- $1.49
Variety of shimmery white beads- $2.00
Needle and thread
Total= $8.49 WOW!!!

With the money I saved I bought (yet) another pair of earrings from my MOST FAVORITE etsy seller- Polished Two to match my new top!

Start with a plain, solid colored tank top.

Use a large piece of muslin and cut out circles and strips in a variety of sizes.

Start by adding a ruffle along the neckline from a few strips of muslin.

Use the circles of muslin to create lots and lots of ruffled flowers by stacking them on top of each other and sewing then together by hand.

Add little beads to the center of each flower.

Begin adding the the flowers along the neckline, on top of the ruffle.

Add as many flowers as you like- I added more to one side of the neckline.

And there you have it- a simple, chic and lovely little top for the holidays!

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