Meeting In The Ladies Room- Bold and Brave!

I love brave and bold women, the kind that that are not afraid to speak their minds, women who are strong and real with their opinions and inspire others to be themselves. When my path crossed online with Linda Woods a couple of years ago (we shared the same publisher) I knew she was one of these women and I liked her right away- she is honest, witty and has the guts to say stuff that lots of us are thinking (but are too afraid to say) and her blog has been one of my daily favorites.

Linda and her sister Karen Dinino already have two successful books (Journal Revolution and Visual Chronicles) and set out write another book- only this time self published and on their own terms- a bold and brave move that makes me love them EVEN more! Their latest book Meeting in the Ladies Room: Reflections Of Women In A Room Of Their Own is totally thought provoking and like nothing I have read. It is collection of raw and amazing photographs and essays from 68 super brave women who share images of themselves and reveal intimate thoughts from that one place- where we women seem to do our most authentic thinking- the ladies room. I immediately found myself thinking about the many moments that I too have experienced in bathrooms- gossiping at work, the place I go to cry, loving and hating the way that I look, changing my hair, traveling, getting ready for many wonderful events and the list goes on and on. I LOVE this book and it will be given as a gift to many of my girl friends!! Thank you to Linda and Karen for a book that is bold and brave and reminds us just how complex, challenged, strong and amazing we are as women.
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