Push Pin Tree Tutorial

I am loving the challenge of coming up with new, creative, simple and redefined tutorials for my blog and today's project is simple but a great alternative to spending lots of money on decorative trees. It seems like sparkly, beaded and decorative trees are in all the store (and they are not cheap!!!) So while browsing the mall over the holiday I suddenly thought of a great way to create my own- but using simple materials- push pins and tacks!

Start with a styrofoam tree form ( I will also using a styrofoam ball)

Paint the styrofoam with a base color- I chose silver.

Next use push pins and begin placing them into the surface of the styrofoam.
There are some really fun push pins and tacks in the many of the office supply stores- use fun colors, metallic or even unique shaped push pins!

Push the pins into the surface of the styrofoam - If you are nervous about the pins staying in, add a little bit of craft glue, or even hot glue to the tip of the pin before you push it in.

A variation with the push pins could be alternating different colors, creating a pattern even going horizontal around the tree-get creative!!

I am keeping it simple by using one color.

Keep your tree simple or add more decoration.

Create a styrofoam ball to add to the top of the tree or even use the same concept to make ornaments or even a wreath from styrofoam. shapes.

Add the ball to the top of the tree with hot glue or use a pin to connect the two.
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