Toilet Paper Roll Angel Tutorial

Here I go again with my passion for creating with toilet paper rolls! This is a project that I can remember making as a kid during one of the many crafting nights we had as a family. My mom and dad organized all kinds of fun projects for my brother and I every day leading up to Christmas day! I decided that this season I would put my own twist on this project- this is a great one for kids and adults and literally costs next to nothing!

Start by painting toilet paper and paper towel roll with a thick coat of white paint.
Once dry cut out a simple crown shape from the tops of the roll.

Paint faces on the surface of the rolls- I have always loved painting whimsical faces (inspired by my wonderful and diverse friends and family) and it is something that I find simple but if you are not comfortable with drawing and painting a face- try use a black and white photocopy of a faces and glue to the surface of the roll and then paint with bright colors.

Once satisfied with your angels, create wings from thick paper, fabric or canvas. I created my wings from Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Back Canvas (of course!!)

Attach the wings to the back of the angels (with craft glue or even hot glue).

Use the angels on a mantel, on a bookshelf, in your holiday decorating...

Or use as a tree topper

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