Begin Again

Was it just me or was 2009 a rough year for others out there?!? While this last year marks the long awaited launch of my full time career as an artist, it also included a lot of really difficult life challenges-more than usual-that have made me just want 09 to be over with! So while today really feels like any other day, I have decided to treat the first day of a new year with a little more honor and respect than normal. Because I am an obsessive planner, always consumed by resolutions, a list maker, and daily dreamer- I don't usually view Jan 1st as anything that is special or different from my everyday mode of operation. But today I am feeling the need to embrace the symbolism of saying goodbye to the passing year, to sadness, worry, doubt and disappointment, the good and the bad and welcome a new day, a new year, a fresh start and the opportunity to begin all over again.

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