rolling pin stamps

I am always trying to find easy ways to incorporate layers of pattern into my surface design when I am making hand painted paper and fabric.

My favorite way to incorporate pattern is by making my own stamps and wood blocks. But after buying a few mini rolling pins, I had the brilliant idea to create some rolling pin stamps that I could use to create quick layers of pattern.

I started with mini rolling pins (and for the life of me I can't remember where I got them!) but you could also use full size rolling pins.

Originally I thought I would carve patterns with my wood carving tools into the wooden rolling pins but I ran out of time! Since I use craft foam for a lot of my own hand carved stamps, I have a lot of it on hand! I decided to use the foam to cut out shapes- it is flexible and very easy to use with paint.

I cut out lots of shapes from the foam

and then with hot glue, I glued the shapes to the surface of the rolling pin.

It is not necessary to use craft foam- you really could think outside the box and use just about anything that could be glued to the surface and create a unique pattern.

After the entire surface of the rolling pin was covered I used a brush to add paint

and then I rolled it across the surface.

I was able to roll it across the surface about three or four times without adding more paint.

This is MUCH easier than stamping or using a wood block where you often have to add paint or ink after every transfer to the surface.

I got creative and used all sorts of different shapes cut from the craft foam

and even carved some simple details with my wood burning tool.

tip- a wood burning tool will carve (or burn away) texture from the surface of the craft foam.



I created all kinds of papers,

I added the patterns to the top of canvas that had been painted

and even rolled pattern right over the top of hand dyed muslin.

Such a quick and easy way to add pattern, layers and texture to your surfaces!

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