the ups and downs of being an artist

If anyone tells you or gives the impression that being an artist and creative entrepreneur is fun, perfect and fulfilling all the time- they are lying (or at least not sharing the whole story). While most of my days are spent in a wonderful creative whirlwind- my days are typically 12-15 hours days 7 days a week- no paid vacation, sick time or the ability to blame the supervisor or even complain when I am overworked. I've reached a point this week where I am wishing I had some paid vacation or the ability to call in "fake sick" just to get a day to breath or even complain to a supervisor that someone should have scheduled things different this month. But no such luck- when you work for yourself those days have to wait and there is nobody to complain to (except yourself!).

After returning from the Inspired Retreat in North Carolina late Sunday night (oh what a FABULOUS 5 days it was!) I've had three days to cram preparation for another four days of teaching classes at the CREATE retreat this weekend. That means finishing up class samples (paintings and finished projects), gathering supplies and tools, finishing up making products to sell at vendor night and packing everything all over again. It is days like this that I actually (can't believe I am saying this) have moments of nostalgia for the 9-5 job.

And then after everything is finished, everything prepped and packed and I drag my tired self to another retreat- I get up in front of a class and start teaching and all that frustration is gone and I am once again excited and in love with being an artist and can't imagine my life going any other way and will gladly do it over and over and over again. :)

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