a secret revealed


My friends I have been keeping a big secret over here (I have lots secrets more that will soon to be reveled) but the first is that I am pregnant about 5 months actually with a girl. And while I typically like to stay away from the "personal details" of my life and stick to just sharing creativity on my blog- this is something I just have to share because it will be difficult to hide pretty soon. This is a big deal for us mostly because until about 1 1/2 year ago we didn't think we wanted kids- don't get me wrong we love kids but just didn't think it was in the stars for us. In fact if you would have asked me if we were ever going to start a family my typical response was, "only if the clouds part and we are visited by an angel that tells us to". Well, it didn't quite happen this way but a series of life changing events in the last 5 years lead us both to wanting some big changes in our lives- the biggest was the sudden and new desire to start a little family and we knew we would try for 2011. So here I am totally knocked up- so far things have been pretty breezy- no morning sickness, feeling good, continuing to exercise it is just my brain that gets in the way every now and then. Overall we are so excited and little terrified all at once about this adventure- when you spend a good part of your life not thinking about pregnancy and kids there is a lot to catch up on!

Not much will change over here on my business end (or at least that anyone out there will know) things are moving rapidly forward with my creative business with some amazing new developments so there won't be lots of maternity leave or changing the way that I operate and this won't be turning into a baby blog but once in a while I will share a little peak or update about life on the pregnancy and family front.

Thanks for letting me share!
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