Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

turkey sliders and homemade chips

Today is the beginning to a summer holiday weekend and what doesn't say summer like burgers and chips!? I am not a big meat eater and but when we do eat it we typically try and replace red meat with a leaner option- turkey meat. Lately we have been loving turkey sliders- the perfect little bite size burger with all kinds of simple and delicious toppings- perfect for a light dinner or even for a backyard party!

I start by seasoning my ground turkey meat (this is always changing and I am always trying new things).
For this batch I used a little smoked paprika, some Italian, seasoning and a dash of tabasco, 1 egg and shedded cheese.

I mixed well and then formed them into bite size patties, keeping in mind that they will shrink a little when cooking.

Next I cook them up- you could also grill or for a really healthy option- bake in the oven.

I also cooked up some turkey bacon- again a little healthier option than regular bacon.

I think the secret to a yummy slider is a good roll- my favorite to use is a Hawaiin sweet roll.

I start building my sliders with the roll and patty

and then add all kinds of different toppings- you can get really creative with this or keep it simple.

grilled mushrooms, spinach, dijon mustard and sharp cheddar cheese

pickle, turkey bacon, cheese and a dollop of blue cheese

grilled onions, cheddar cheese and spiced mayo

dijon mustard and shredded parmesan cheese


All of the sliders get the top bun and a little toothpick to hod them together.

mmmm...so yummy!


You can't have a burger without something to go with it! I LOVE homemade potato chips- not the healthiest but once in a while you gotta do it! Using a mandolin slicer, I start by slicing up a potato into paper thin slices.

Next, I heated up vegetable oil in a sauce pan (filled about half way)
I dropped the potatoes in and fried until they were golden brown.

I soaked up the excess oil by placing chips on a paper towel

and then seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh herbs.

what better way to enjoy a slider than with a handful of fresh, homemade potato chips!

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