BIG scrappy painting

I have been in the midst of organizing and cleaning my studio (its been a while and desperately needs to be done!) and after lots of work I ended up with a GIGANTIC pile of fabric scraps. While I am pretty organized with all of my scraps- I tend to keep just about everything that is fabric and it was time to scale it down a little. I had the idea to use all those scraps to create wall art inspired by the vibe of my new book- Sew Wild so I made a BIG painting full of all my leftover scraps that had the look of a quilt but without the sewing.

I painted over an old painting that I had created a while ago on a huge piece of wood. Side note- I love painting on wood almost as much as I love painting on canvas.

Instead of using glue or gel medium (which definitely could be used) I actually used paint as my binder. This is something that I have been doing since college when I wanted to add collage elements to my paintings.

I covered my surface with a nice generous layer of white house paint and then stuck my fabric to it.
If you don't sew or don't have the time to sew this is a great way to create quilt inspired art without pulling the sewing machine out.

I used all kinds of scraps in different colors and patterns, scraps of my handmade fabric, leftover scraps from my latest book project, scraps of painted canvas, scraps of recycled fabric...scraps, scraps, lots and lots of fabric scraps (at least they are not taking up space in my studio).

Once the surface was completely covered I add swipes of white paint and some drizzles and drips here and there.
Why? Just because I love to add a little element of messy and because it felt like the right thing to do :)

The end result is a huge piece of art that looks like fiber.

Of course, once again this guy just couldn't stay out of a photo!


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