painted wood floor

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will remember that over a year ago I decided to paint a pattern on our hallway floor- if you are new to my blog you can read about it here

This is the process and the way it looked before. But after some time and wear and tear and the fact that we have been tackling all kinds of home projects lately- I decided that I wanted to repaint it another color and add some more details. (my pregnant nesting impulses are a little more extreme than most!)

Just like before, I used acrylic paint mixed with floor paint for my color.

I added lines and details but not as many I typically add when I am working on a painting or drawing full of pattern. For this project I wanted to keep my lines loose and imperfect.

I love painting surface pattern (one of my favorite things to create) but again, like I shared last week in this project painting lots of pattern can really take a lot of time and patience!

And being 7 months pregnant made it a little bit challenging to get comfortable

but nothing (not my belly in the way or the amount of time it took) was quite as challenging our cat Jack walking in and out of my wet paint!

This cat is relentless!

I sealed it with a really light and thin layer of Minwax polyurethane in a satin finish. I wanted to seal it but also didn't want a lot of shine and I also look forward to it wearing, fading and getting worn over time.

IMG_9124 copy
The end result is a fun whimsical floor that leads you into the bedrooms.



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