new online class- free motion graffiti and a giveaway!


I've got a bunch of online classes sitting on ice over here and the next one I am releasing is called Free Motion Graffiti! This class is perfect for those who took Beneath the Surface or for those of you who have overflowing collections of scrap fabric!

Free motion graffiti is a term that I started using a few years ago to describe the process that I often use when sewing. Inspired by graffiti it is the concept of using fabric and the sewing machine to layer, create expressive stitching, be messy, make marks and create fiber surfaces that have a graffiti vibe. I briefly touch on the concept of free motion graffiti in my new book- Sew Wild- but in this class I will dive into greater detail about free motion sewing techniques and concepts- mark making, doodling and drawings, how to use and create lettering, utilizing scraps and more!. This class is sure to get you inspired to think outside the box!

Here is a peek-

A few important facts about Free Motion Graffiti-

It is great if you are a beginner but would be VERY helpful if you are a little familiar with basic sewing.

You will need a sewing machine and eventually a free motion/darning foot for the class- don't worry this information will be covered.

Keep in mind- sewing can be challenging (especially if you are a beginner) but with time and a little practice it becomes super fun!


Registration for Free Motion Graffiti opens today and the class goes live on Friday, September 23rd!

The structure of this class is a little different from my others and it is reflected in the price- $40.00

(It is not large enough to be a 5 lesson class and not small enough to be a mini class- it is somewhere in between!)

Also different from many of my classes- the lessons are posted all at once and ready for you to dive into. And just like the rest of my online classes you have unlimited access to come and go as you please for as long as you want.

For all the details and to register hop on over to my online shop-

And last I will be giving away 4 free spots in the class!

Leave me a comment

I will pick and announce the winners on Friday!

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