guest post- hand stitching journal pages from Jane LaFazio

I have asked a few of my creative friends to help me out with my blog here and there and today's guest post comes to you from Jane LaFazio!

journal pages stitches drawings
I love hand stitching and have been embroidering since I was 16 years old. And yet, I use the same ol’ handful of stitches in my work, frankly, because they’re easy and I love them! I nearly always use variegated thread, so it makes even the simplest stitches look cool.

journal pages stitches handout
I needed a handout for one of my classes, to show the students my basic stitches and I didn’t want to use someone else’s instructions—so I drew my own instructions in my journal! Then of course, I needed a stitched sample. I stitched on plain felt, and glued it next to the illustration stitch page in my mixed media journal. For the students, I created a handout with images of my journal page here is a peek-

cross stitch

cross stitch b

backstitch b (2)

backstitch b (1)

french knot
french knot b

couching b (2)
couching b

button hole wheel (2)

chain _daisy b

button hole wheel (1)

button hole wheel b


blanket b

running stitch

running stitch b

journal page stitches

Jane face

Jane LaFazio, a full-time artist since 1998, truly believes she is living the life she was meant to live! In that time, she has cultivated a wide range of skills as a painter, mixed media, quilt artist and art teacher. She’s known for her fun-loving, creative teaching style, and providing a relaxed supportive environment in the classroom. She teaches workshops online and at art retreats internationally. Jane’s artwork has been featured in Cloth, Paper, Scissors and Quilting Arts magazines many times, and in Danny Gregory’s An Illustrated Life, and in numerous books.Jane has made 7 appearances on Quilting Arts TV, in season 300 and 800.
Her instructional DVDs “
From Art Journaling to Art” and “The Small Art Quilt” is available on Amazon.

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