guest post- how to draw this elephant from Carla Sonheim

I have asked a few of my creative friends to help me out with my blog here and there during my time with a new baby and today's guest post comes to you from Carla Sonheim

How to Draw this Elephant

1. First, draw this:


2. Then, continuing on the same piece of paper, draw four more similar elephants (hoping for one that has a bit more personality to it):


3. If you're still not wow'ed, do a page of one-liners*, an exercise inspired by Pablo Picasso that helps you practice putting your subconscious in the driver's seat:
4. Decide to take a grumpy one further and apply some Oaxacan-Inspired Embellishing...

5. ...but go for a walk first.

6. Go ahead and pick up that piece of trash that reminds you of an elephant (gross as it may be)....



7. Now render that shape in watercolor on cold-press (textured) watercolor paper, leaving the eye white.

How to Draw this Elephant

8. Finally add some pencil shading and line work (being sure to put in that grumpy expression you liked earlier)!

* Here's a quick video of how I do one-liners (borrowed from my Imaginary Creatures online class held in August!).

Carla Sonheim is a painter, workshop instructor and author of "Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun" and creator of "The Art of Silliness," a popular online drawing course. She lives in Seattle, where she shares space with her photographer husband, a game-playing teenager, and, pitifully, her blog.

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