guest post- poetry pillow from Tracie Lynn Huskamp

I have asked a few of my creative friends to help me out with my blog here and there during my time with a new baby and today's guest post comes to you from Tracie Lynn Huskamp

poetry pillow

Painted Poetry Pillow 5 (Finished Project)

Painted Poetry Pillow 1
Cut two pieces of fabric approximately 13" x 13". Paint one side of one of the pieces of fabric with white acrylic paint.

Painted Poetry Pillow 2
When the paint is dry, use a red and blue sharpie marker to draw lines across the white area of the fabric mimicking the look of a piece of notebook paper.

Painted Poetry Pillow 3
Select a favorite verse of poetry and use a pencil to carefully write out the words on the blue lines. If you make a mistake then erase the pencil marks and start again. Once the poem is written, use a black sharpie marker to trace over the pencil marks.

Painted Poetry Pillow 4
Place the two right sides of the fabric pieces together and stitch. Remember to leave an opening to turn the fabric and for stuffing the pillow with batting. Once the pillow is stuffed, sew the opening shut.

Painted Poetry Pillow 5 (Finished Project)

Painted Poetry Pillow Tracie Lyn Photo

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