creating with a kid- bubble prints

These days when I plan creative projects for Lucy, I tend to gravitate towards things that we both will have fun doing. Recently we had a TON of fun creating bubble prints. Since I am always look for fun ways to create colorful paper for my art journals and Lucy, well she is always looking for new ways to experiment and make a mess- bubble printing was right up our alley!

The materials for this projects are so basic- dish soap, water and something to add color to the water- I used acrylic paint but you could also use food coloring or even watercolors.

In a container, add water, soap and color- the more color you add, the darker and more saturated your bubble prints will be. Mix everything together.

Now it's time for the fun! Grab a straw and blow bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles!

As the bubbles rise, they will have a slight tint of color to them.

Grab a piece of paper (we used watercolor paper) and press the paper on top of the bubbles.

You will be left with a print. Repeat this process over and over again until the paper is filled!

You can also grab a bubble wand, dip it into the colorful soapy water and blow bubbles onto a piece of paper. 

The bubbles will pop and leave in their place really beautiful circles and splatter.

We had so much fun with this process. Lucy lost interest after about 45 minutes and actually started painting with her soapy water but I made tons of beautiful paper for my next art journal!

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