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Hello! It's Megan from Makewells and I'm back with some more lettering tips and tricks! Today I'm showing you a creative way to add a little flair to your lettering. 

I'm obsessed with drawing/doodling florals, so today I am combining two of my favorite things: lettering and flowers!

If you've followed along with my lettering series, you'll know that I always like to start out with some basic pencil sketches. For this project, I decided to create an alphabet, so I quickly worked my way through the 26 letters to come up with the forms I would use for each letter.

After finalizing my sketches, I created each letter to go in my floral alphabet. Below, you'll see the step by step process:

1. Lightly draw the basic form of the letter
2. Thicken downstrokes
3. Erase area you'd like to put the flower, and lightly draw in

4. Ink (I used a Micron pen - just make sure you use a pen that is waterproof)
5. Use watercolor to add a splash of color to the flower. 

That's it! An easy way to add a little flair to your lettering. 

For the alphabet I created, I mixed up the places that I added the flowers, depending on the form of each letters. 

Here's the entire alphabet:

Another alternative is to paint the letters and flowers in acrylic. I followed the same steps sketching, but then used acrylic paint for both elements instead of ink and watercolor.

Of course you don't have to do just flowers. Get creative with other elements to create your own series! Bugs, bows, sea life...anything goes!

Have fun applying this technique to any of your lettering projects. I decided to send some extra happy mail to a friend, using the floral alphabet for the first letters in her name and city. 

Happy creating! Don't forget to post your projects on instagram using #redefinecreativelettering 

Xo, Megan
@Makewells (instagram)
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