marbleized washer necklace

Did you know that the hardware store is one of the best places to shop for creative projects? And at about twenty-five cents, washers are one of my favorite materials grab when I am browsing the aisles of my local Home Depot. There are so many different ways to transform a washer into a pendent. I thought it would be fun to use nail polish marbling to create some colorful statement necklaces.
All you need are washers and nail polish.
Fill a small container with water and lightly pour the polish onto the surface of the water and then swirl it around. 
Next, dip the washer into the the water. It will pick the marbled nail polish and once dry will be permanent.
I used colorful beads and created a long strand necklace with the washer as the pendent or you could add the washer to your favorite chain or strand of beads.

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