ocean themed gallery wall

About every six months I get an uncontrollable itch to move things around in our house. I'm a MAJOR nester and I've been like this for as long as I can remember! In fact I can remember being a kid constantly moving my bedroom furniture. Recently I got that old familiar feeling and decided to do some major cleaning, organizing and changing our living room space around. The biggest change I made was to create an ocean themed gallery wall in our living room. 

The ocean plays a huge role in our lives- it is where we go to explore, pray, celebrate, exercise, connect and play. And since I come from a surfing family, we have lots of photos and surfing paraphernalia around. I thought it would be fun to use some of my favorite photos to create an ocean themed gallery wall. I started by printing the photos (I use a Cannon Pixma Pro-10). While I love color, I tried to select photos that had a color theme- lots of bright white with pops of subtle blues and greens. Then I framed everything in white frames.

Next, Andy hung an alaia surfboard that he recently shaped. An alaia is a thin, round nosed, square tailed surfboard ridden in pre-20th century Hawaii made from wood. The board was so pretty that I thought it would make a neat focal point for the wall. Andy made some sturdy wood hooks for the board to sit in and easily be removed when he uses it.

Then I arranged the framed photos beneath the board and called it good!

I love how bright and white this simple change has made in the living room. I also love being surrounded by all things from the sea!

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