guest room makeover

When normal people have a guest coming to visit, they clean, organize and do a little house fluffing. When guests come to visit me, I paint a mural- obviously I am not normal. So when my sister in law made plans to come visit, I got that old familiar itch to get creative and decided to turn my office space into a last minute guest room.
Our spare bedroom is really small and is currently my office space- you can see how it has changed and evolved HERE and HERE. For now I still need to use this space as my office but it was crammed full of art supplies, projects and junk. I cleared everything out except for my work desk and moved things around to make space against two walls for a sofa bed and bedside table. 

Then I got busy painting a statement wall! Yes, I know this might sound like a lot of work and totally excessive but in my world, art is how I show my love and my sis in law is one of my favorite people who deserves lots of love. More than anything I wanted to create a cozy and special space for her. While I will likely paint over the wall (again) eventually, it will also serve as a photo backdrop for some upcoming projects. For me it was totally worth the time and energy. Here is a peek inside the process.

When I am painting a statement wall full of pattern, I really enjoy starting with a color. The cool thing about filling that wall full of pattern is that you really don't have to be perfect with that first layer of color. I gave my wall a quick coat of blue paint with a roller. I didn't care about the streak and imperfections because all the line work and pattern covers it up.  

Once it was dry, I got busy painting a flower pattern. Yes, we have a giant flower wall in our master bedroom but I love flowers so much that I just couldn't resist painting another one! I really love how it looks so different in shades of blue. The entire process took me a total of about 3 hours (with interruptions) and cost around $30 for paint the paint.

The result is a super fun and funky little guest room that I can still use as my office. I love that with a little creativity and paint you can quickly transform any space into a piece of art!

Now if I can just keep this room clean and organized until our guest arrives later this week!

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