4 years of Lucy Matisse

Lucy turned 4 on Monday and we have been celebrating all week long! Her request was a princess, puppy, bike party. She asked for a pet skunk (for real) or a pet mouse but we settled on a fun little balance bike. She wanted all of her guests to dress like princesses and princes, she wanted to dress like a bunny and wanted everyone to go for a group bike ride! Totally random...totallly Lucy! 

I can't help but laugh when I look at these photos simply because I spent up until age 35 not wanting kids or anything to do with kids! HAH!!! And now here I am dressed as some kind of crazy princess, all to make this kid happy! I am so grateful that my priorities changed because this little girl has added so much joy to my life. She is spirited, loud, opinionated, creative, gentle, imaginative and pure magic. Everyday with her is an adventure and every single moment in the last four years has been savored, soaked up and burned into my heart. Happy birthday my dear little Lucy Matisse!
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