aztec pattern painted pumpkins

I've been painting pumpkins during the fall for a very long time- so long that I kinda consider myself a pioneer of pumpkin painting! Back in 2010 my pretty painted pumpkins tutorial went viral and since then it has become a yearly tradition of mine to come up with a variety of unique pumpkin tutorials with the hope to inspire others to push the boundaries with paint and a pumpkin! 

Every year I like to try and come up with some kind of pattern to paint on my pumpkins. I think pattern pumpkins have become my favorite to create and display on our porch! This year I thought it would be fun to make some aztec pattern pumpkins. 

Typically when I create most of my painted pumpkins I don't make much of a plan- I simply jump right in but these designs (even though they are pretty simple) I sketched out and planned.
When it comes to painting pumpkins, I always start with a base coat. I used black for the large pumpkin and once it was dry, I sketched out my design with a white paint pen. The rest was basically filling in that design with color and small embellishments.

Even though these pumpkins are a little more simple than most of my others, I LOVE the way they turned out! They are colorful, bold and a really fun fall accent.
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