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Long before Pinterest, there was the process of cutting things out of magazines and pinning them up (literally) on the wall for inspiration. For as long as I can remember I have always loved to be surrounded by images and things that inspire me. Today I am sharing a few ways to create a mood board or inspiration wall as a way to incorporate  into your creative space. 

my previous garage studio space

I've had all kinds of creative space over the years- the kitchen floor, a guest room, a garage and now my current studio space. No matter the size of my studio, I've always had a dedicated place for an inspiration board or wall. In my small spaces I used a cork board and as my space got bigger, I dedicated an entire wall to my inspiration. These days I use one side of the moveable walls in my studio as a place to pin anything and everything that inspires me.

Sure you can use Pinterest as a place for brainstorming and as I much as I love to use it, I really like having all that inspiration around me when I am creating. As a really visual person I need to be surrounded by the all the colors, patterns, designs and even quotes. I've found that it's really important for my creative process to access all the crazy random things that get my ideas flowing.

way to My interests, inspiration and projects are always changing and my inspiration wall always reflects those changes. My wall gets changed up and layered as I take on new projects. This process is rarely planned out- I simply gather things that catch my eye that get my ideas flowing. Ironically, many of the things I end up pinning to my wall are notes and old sketchbook pages. I love using my own work as a something that sparks new ideas!

The cool thing about having a wall or space dedicated to inspiration is that you are able to look up at any given moment and reference that inspiration. While I never end up copying anything on my wall I love to have visual reminders of the things that make my art and creativity unique.

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