spray paint marbleized pumpkins

So while I really enjoy creating extravagant painted pumpkins, today I wanted to share a quick tip for marbleizing LARGE pumpkins!

In the past I have shared a few different tutorials (here and here) for creating a marbled surface by using spray paint. It is a really fast and permanent way to marble just about anything.

Start with a bucket of water. The bigger the pumpkin, the bigger the bucket will need to be!

Lightly spray the top of the water with spray paint- I've found that a light mist works best.

Let the colors blend and swirl together.

Next, dip the pumpkin into the water. The surface of the pumpkin will pick up the paint.

Repeat until the entire surface is filled.


If you want the marbling to be even more dynamic- paint your pumpkin white first.

If you are messy (like me) it is helpful to wear rubber gloves.

Spray paint dries fast, even in water so you have to work quickly.

I've found that different brands and colors work a little different so you might need to do a few tests before diving in. I like working with Rust-Oleum spray paint and metallic colors are the most forgiving.

There you have it! A super fast way to transform those pumpkins!

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